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Ōhiʻa Lehua


Loveʻs Eternal

Native Hawaiian mythology tells the tale of two young lovers named 'Ōhi'a and Lehua. Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, was also in love with the handsome 'Ōhi'a. She approached him, but he refused her. In a jealous rage, Pele turned 'Ōhi'a into a tree. Lehua was devastated. The other gods, who pitied Lehua for her loss, turned her into the flower of the 'Ōhi'a tree. Today the legend is still prevalent. It is said that shortly after a Lehua flower is picked, it will rain like that of the tears of the two lovers when they are separated.

The hand-engraved details of our ʻŌhiʻa Lehua scroll are visually striking in combination with hand-cut red glass enamel Lehua blossoms. A bangle, pendant, or earrings in 18K, 14K gold or sterling silver will make an eternal keepsake for the one you love.

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